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Chronic Headaches?
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In Miami, FL, a stressful lifestyle and workplace fatigue are just a couple of reasons why some of our patients suffer from chronic TMJ disorder – otherwise known as “TMD” or “TMJD.”

Symptoms of TMD include

When stressed, a person can tend to clench and grind their teeth together, placing strain on the jaw and facial muscles. Over time, the TMJ becomes strained and can develop painful symptoms such as:

• Headaches and migraines

• Difficulty opening and closing

• Popping or clicking in the joint

• Earaches

• Worn, flat, or chipped teeth

• Broken dental work

• Muscle pain in the face, jaw, neck, shoulders, and back

Can Crooked Teeth Cause TMJ Disorder?

Tooth alignment can have a significant influence on TMJ pain. Our TMJ/TMD dentist in Miami, FL will evaluate how your teeth and jaws fit together. Atypical bite relationships may be causing your jaw to become strained over time. Investing in orthodontic therapy is a holistic option for treating some types of TMJ disorder.

Bite Splints and Night Guards

If you’re clenching and grinding your teeth while you sleep or at your desk during the day, Ramon Bana, DDS may decide it’s best to fit you with a customized splint. Small appliances like these train the jaws to relax by keeping the teeth just slightly apart. As such, the muscles and TMJ experience less strain and enjoy relief without invasive surgical measures. In some cases, injectables such as Botox may also be an alternative for semi-permanent pain relief and muscle relaxation.

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During your evaluation, Dr. Bana will assess the anatomy of your jaws, how they move, and screen for symptoms of TMD. An X-ray may also be needed to assess internal elements of your TMJ. Request your new patient appointment at our office in Miami, FL today!